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Turning memories into something new 

Vintage handmade accessories with a modern twist

 Bespoke items include:
  • Fun accessories

  • Unique wedding gifts

  • Vintage items repurposed

  • Handmade jewellery

  • Personalised accessories

  • Memory based jewellery

  • Laser cut acrylic jewellery


I am Victoria, I design and make accessories from home. My work spaces include ''The Laundry Room'' ie my garage and ''The Attic Room'' ie my bedroom.

Pleasant memories have been a passion for so long. I love anything that evokes them or that déjà vu feeling, lucky charms, presents for no reason at all and just pretty things in general.

I often see something in day to day life that reminds me of something else and wonder if anyone else see it too. I search out vintage (typically 80s and 90s) pieces ie Mattel clothes, shoes and accessories that may be ever so slightly damaged over the years but they haven't lost it yet :) they are just waiting around to shine once more ;)

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If you have any further queries on my service, get in touch with by Cinders in the UK.

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